Department of Translation & Intercultural Studies - Course list

CodeCourse Title
G-LSUD1 Res1-120 Computer Literacy and Research Skills
G-LSUD1 Res1-220 Methodology of Research
G-LSUD1 Lit1-120 Computer Literacy and Research Skills
G-LSUD1 IntroTIS118 Introduction to Translation Studies
G-LSUD3 IntroTIS 180 Introduction to Cultural Studies
G-LSUD3 IntroTIS 358 Introduction to Film
G-LSUD3 IntroTIS 390 Introduction to Visual Culture
G-LSUD4 PraTIS 405 Introduction to Interpreting Studies
G-LSUD2 ThApTIS214 Translation Methodology
G-LSUD3 ThApTIS 310 Translation History
G-LSUD3 ThApTIS 325 Translation and Institutions in the EU
G-LSUD3 ThApTIS 352 Literary Translation Criticism
G-LSUD2 ThApTIS 360 Landmarks in the History and Theory of Cinema
G-LSUD3 ThApTIS 398 Popular Culture: The Audio/Visual Experience
G-LSUD4 ThApTIS 412 Intercultural Communication
G-LSUD4 ThApTIS 414 Translation Theory
G-LSUD4 ThApTIS421 Translation Theory: Cultural and Interdisciplinary Approaches
G-LSUD4 ThApTIS 424 Semiotics and Rhetoric
G-LSUD4 ThApTIS 468 Special Topics in Cultural Studies: Hollywood Renaissance
G-LSUD4 ThApTIS 478 Adaptation from Text to Screen
G-LSUD4 ThApTIS 480 Representations of Translation/Interpreting in Literature and Film
G-LSUD4 ThApTIS 481 Music in Social Movements
G-LSUD4 ThApTIS 485 Hollywood Film Genres
G-LSUD4 ThApTIS 488 Narratology in Cinema and the Novel
G-LSUD3 PraTIS 301 General Text Translation Workshop
G-LSUD3 PraTIS 305 EU Texts Translation Workshop
G-LSUD3 PraTIS 306 Economic Translation Workshop
G-LSUD3 PraTIS 311 Literary Translation
G-LSUD3 PraTIS 322 Scientific / Technical Translation Workshop
G-LSUD3 PraTIS 323 Interlingual Audiovisual Translation
G-LSUD3 PraTIS 324 Media Accessibility and Audiovisual Translation
G-LSUD3 PraTIS 394 Special topics: Collaborative translation and project management
G-LSUD4 TranInter405E Interpreting Practice I
G-LSUD3 TechTIS 320 Translation Technology
G-LSUD3 CulRes390 Supervised Research Project
G-LSUD4 ResTIS490E Supervised Research Paper
G-LSUD4 ResTIS495E Diploma Thesis