Department of English Literature and Culture - Course list

CodeCourse Title
G-LSUD1 Res1-120 Computer Literacy and Research Skills
G-LSUD1 Res1-220 Methodology of Research
G-LSUD1 Lit1-120 Computer Literacy and Research Skills
G-LSUD1 Lit125 Workshop in Critical Writing: Poetry
G-LSUD1 Lit126 Workshop in Critical Writing: Drama
G-LSUD1 Lit127 Workshop in Critical Writing: Fiction
G-LSUD1 Lit5-130 Introduction to Literary Studies
G-LSUD4 ComThe490E Supervised Research Paper
G-LSUD4 ComThe495E Diploma Thesis
G-LSUD2 EnLit260 Survey of English Literature I
G-LSUD2 EnLit261 Survey of English Literature II
G-LSUD3 EnLit322 Topics in Elizabethan and Jacobean drama: love and jealousy
G-LSUD3 EnLit324 Comedy of Manners
G-LSUD3 EnLit330 The 18th Century Novel
G-LSUD3 EnLit335 Literature of the Fantastic
G-LSUD3 EnLit336 Nineteenth-Century Realism and the English Novel
G-LSUD3 EnLit338E British Gothic Writing 1760-1900
G-LSUD3 EnLit340 Medievalism
G-LSUD3 EnLit341E Topics in English Literature II: Multicultural Britain
G-LSUD3 EnLit358 Gender and Sexuality: Intersections in English Literature and Culture
G-LSUD3 EnLit363 Spenser and Milton
G-LSUD3 EnLit365 The Literature of Sensibility and Sentiment
G-LSUD3 EnLit366E Autobiographical Writings
G-LSUD3 EnLit368E Modern British Poetry
G-LSUD3 EnLit375 English Romanticism: Literature and Politics (1780-1832)
G-LSUD3 EnLit378 Becket and after
G-LSUD6 TheRes386 Theoretical Perspectives and Literary Texts
G-LSUD3 EnLit389 Postcolonial Revisions
G-LSUD4 EnLit429 Stage Representations of Gender and Sexuality
G-LSUD4 EnLit436 Modernism and the English Novel
G-LSUD4 EnLit458 Woolf and Bloomsbury
G-LSUD4 ENLIT459 The Subject in Fiction
G-LSUD4 EnLit469 Postmodernism in Womens Fiction
G-LSUD4 EnLit471 Chaucer
G-LSUD4 EnLit472 Shakespeare
G-LSUD4 EnLit479 Contemporary Shakespeares: Adaptations and Appropriations
G-LSUD4 EnLit488 Literature, Art & Culture in Education
G-LSUD6 TheRes489 Theatre Workshop
G-LSUD4 EnLit494 Intercultural Voices on the Contemporary Stage
G-LSUD4 EnLit496 Intermedial Theatre and Performance
G-LSUD4 EnLit497 21stcentury British Theatre and Performance: Sound and Music
G-LSUD3 Lit390 Introduction to the Research Paper