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Urban Environments in Transition Project

The full title of the project is: 'URBAN ENVIRONMENTS IN TRANSITION: ENGAGING YOUNG LEADERS AND RAISING COMMUNITY AWARENESS THROUGH MULTIMODAL NARRATIVES.' This is the winning project entry for Greece in the international competition AEIF 2012 (Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund) took place in the U.S. in Spring 2012. Greece was represented in the competition via the Fulbright Foundation.

This is a two-city project (Athens and Thessaloniki) that combines the study of literary representations of city spaces with creative writing and artistic practice. An attempt is made to bridge literary experience with real life situations through the use of multiple media and other activities in collaboration with non-profit organizations (immigration centers, ecological and artistic groups) and museums. This is a project that places university students (undergraduates and postgraduates) at the center of all creative activity and community practice.

You can access all the material produced during the project at