Department of American Literature - Course list

CodeCourse Title
G-LSUD1 Res1-120 Computer Literacy and Research Skills
G-LSUD1 Res1-220 Methodology of Research
G-LSUD1 Lit1-120 Computer Literacy and Research Skills
G-LSUD1 Lit125 Workshop in Critical Writing: Poetry
G-LSUD1 Lit126 Workshop in Critical Writing: Drama
G-LSUD1 Lit127 Workshop in Critical Writing: Fiction
G-LSUD1 Lit5-130 Introduction to Literary Studies
G-LSUD4 ComThe490E Supervised Research Paper
G-LSUD4 ComThe495E Diploma Thesis
G-LSUD2 AmLit245 American Literature and Culture: the 17th and 18th centuries
G-LSUD2 AmLit247 American Literature and Culture: the 19th century
G-LSUD2 AmLit248 American Literature and Culture: Survey of the 19th and 20th century American Drama
G-LSUD2 AmLit249 American Literature and Culture: the 20th century
G-LSUD2 AmLit270 American Literature and Culture: From Colonial Times to Industrialization
G-LSUD2 AmLit271 American Literature and Culture: From Modern Times to the Present
G-LSUD3 AmLit314 Approaches to American Studies
G-LSUD3 AmLit315 Studies in American Culture
G-LSUD3 AmLit316 American Poetry: From Puritanism to Romanticism
G-LSUD3 AmLit317 Early 20th century American Poetry: 1914-1950
G-LSUD3 AmLit328 African-American Theatre
G-LSUD3 AmLit329 Contemporary Drama/Theatre
G-LSUD3 AmLit336 Race and Ideology: 19th century American Literary and Dramatic Texts
G-LSUD3 AmLit340 Introduction to the Literature of the American South
G-LSUD3 AmLit347 Modernism and Prose in the US
G-LSUD3 AmLit348 Contemporary American Fiction: 1945-2000
G-LSUD3 AmLit365 American Culture and Melodrama in the 19th century
G-LSUD3 AmLit368E American Theatre 1776-1950
G-LSUD3 AmLit369 The Politics of Race and Gender in American Culture: African-American Writers
G-LSUD4 AmLit419 Contemporary American Poetry: 1950-2000
G-LSUD4 AmLit427 Reviving the Classics
G-LSUD4 AmLit428 Experimental Theatre: Avant-Garde and Post-modernist Innovations
G-LSUD4 AmLit437E Topics in American Literature I: Contemporary Gothic Transformations
G-LSUD4 AmLit444 Creative Writing Workshop
G-LSUD4 AmLit451 The Cultures of American Literature
G-LSUD4 AmLit459 English Drama around the world
G-LSUD4 AmLit465E The American Novel in the 19th century
G-LSUD4 AmLit474 Ethnic Studies Ι: The Greek-American Paradigm
G-LSUD4 AmLit476 Southern Studies
G-LSUD4 AmLit477 Topics in American Literature ΙΙ: Science Fiction
G-LSUD4 AmLit478 Topics in American Literature III: Fantasy Literature
G-LSUD4 AmLit479 Topics in American Cinema and Literature I: Politics and Paranoia
G-LSUD4 AmLit480 Literary Politics and the Civil Rights Movement
G-LSUD4 AmLit481 Cultural Policy of the American Media
G-LSUD4 AmLit498E American Urban Spaces and Identities
G-LSUD3 Lit390 Introduction to the Research Paper