Borrowing / Renewing Books

All Aristotle University Library card holders are entitled to borrow books as follows:

User Category Numbers of Items Loan Period Renewals Subscription
Undergraduate Students 4 15 days 2 none
PhD Candidates, Postgraduate Students 15 30 days 2 none
Adjunct Lecturers 15 30 days 2 none
Faculty 20 60 days 2 none
Administrative Personnel 4 15 days 2 none
Hellenic Open University Students 3 15 days 1 none
Non-AUTh Faculty and Students (Greek Universities only) 3 15 days 1 30 € annual
20 € 6 month
External Users 3 15 days 1 50 € annual
30 € 6 month
20 € 3 month

To renew books users may either call the Library or come to the Library in person having their library card with them.

Library Card

School of English members (students, teaching staff, administrative personnel) and external users can issue a library card in the Faculty of Philosophy Subject Library which is located in the New Wing of the Faculty of Philosophy.

Requesting / Recalling Books

Users can make a request for a book only if it is already checked out to another user, and they wish to borrow it as soon as it is checked in to the library. Requests can only be done electronically by the library staff. To make a request for a book, users will need to have their library card with them. If a user wishes to borrow a book already checked out to another user earlier than the due date, then she/he must make a request as well as a recall, filling a recall slip at the reference desk.

Overdue Books

Overdue books are fined with 0,30 euro per book per day for all user categories.

Borrowing Restrictions




There is a self-service multifunction machine in the library in which users can copy and scan printed material and print electronic files. Contact the library staff for more information and instructions on how to use the machine.


Aristotle University Central Library offers a range of services to all university members.

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