Your institution now has access to the Core Collection on DRAMA ONLINE.

The Core Collection forms the heart of Drama Online. With over 1,875 playtexts and more added each year, this collection is truly the foundation of the platform and offers a diverse and rich catalogue of plays by the world's leading dramatists.

Drama Online




Oxford English Dictionary

Your institution now has access to the Oxford English Dictionary!

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is widely regarded as the accepted authority on the English language. It is an unsurpassed guide to the meaning, history, and pronunciation of more than 600,000 words, past and present, from across the English-speaking world.

As a historical dictionary, the OED focuses not only on the meanings of the word, but also on the history of the word, and how its meaning has changed over time. The OED traces the history of the English language through 3 million quotations, from classic literature and specialist periodicals, to films scripts and cookery books. Updates revise and extend the OED at regular intervals, each time subtly adjusting our image of the English language.

For more information on the content you have access to, please click here.

Make the most of your Oxford English Dictionary services…

Take a tour of the product and learn how its user friendly functionality can help you organize and manage your research journey.

If you have any questions about the OED, please contact your librarian. 



AUTh LIBRARY NEW TOOLS : Browzine & LibKey Nomad

Browzine has sorted AUTh and HEAL-Link e-journals into broad subjects and then into narrower disciplines. You can save and organize your most-used e-journals on virtual bookshelves saved to your account. The result is an easy and familiar way to browse through, read, and monitor scholarly e-journals across disciplines. It can be used for desktops and laptops as well for tablets and smart phones (Android and iOS).

LibKey Nomad is a browser extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge which allows you to access full text articles subscribed to by AUTh Library and HEAL-Link on the open web, including many scholarly publishers' websites, PubMed, Google Scholar, and Wikipedia. In other words it automatically provides instant links to full text content for article subscribed to by your library - or open access alternatives - as you do research on the web and come across literature. In each case, Nomad works with your subscribing library to figure out the fastest path to content across thousands of publisher websites.
For accessing the full text you must be either connected to AUTh network or use some of the other alternatives provided by the University to access the resources outside the campus.


The Library and the Reading Room will be closed from 20/07/2020 to 24/08/2020.


in order to support the work of the scientific community and minimize the impact of COVID-19

The Literary Encyclopedia. Visit Here.

The Literary Encyclopedia is a constantly evolving and updating repository of authoritative reference work about literary and cultural history.

Cambridge University Press: Cambridge Core Collection.

Cambridge University Press is offering free, online access to 700 higher education textbooks and electronic journals until the end of May.

Elsevier ebooks via ProQuest Ebook Central and EBSCO host.

ProQuest Ebook Central and EBSCOHost customers impacted by COVID-19 will get automatic upgrades to unlimited concurrent access (from single user or 3U) to all owned Elsevier titles through mid-June.

Emerald ebooks via ProQuest Ebook Central.

Emerald is offering unlimited access to its ebook collection through ProQuest EBook Central.

Oxford University Press: Epigeum.

Oxford University Press is also pleased to share that its colleagues at Epigeum, part of Oxford University Press, have made their courses on Teaching Online and Blended Learning freely available until the end of May in order to help those tackling distance learning for the first time. For more information, please visit here.

Project MUSE. Visit Here.

Project MUSE supports its participating publishers in making scholarly content temporarily available for free on its platform. Among the publishers currently opting to make content free on Project MUSE are:
  • Ohio State University Press (all books and journals)
  • University of Nebraska Press (all books and journals)
  • University of North Carolina Press (all books)
  • Temple University Press (all books)
  • Vanderbilt University Press (selected books)
Project MUSE will announce additional participants and will continually update the list of publishers offering free access to content here. More information in MUSE OA content is available here.

SAGE Publishing: Resources to help you transition to teaching online.

MIT Press Books: Visit Here.

Provides access to its ebook collection until the end of May. Topics covered in this collection relevant to the Department's studies are: Education, Humanities, Linguistics, Philosophy and Social Sciences.

Gale eBooks: Visit Here.

Provides free online access to 12 books on distance learning and online course organization. Users may be prompted to enter with a password. The password for all is "open".

The Internet Archive. Visit Here.

Announcing the National Emergency Library, a temporary collection of books that supports emergency remote teaching, research activities, independent scholarship, and intellectual stimulation while universities, schools, training centers, and libraries are closed.

A new library announcent about the guide for using the available resources during the Covid-19 pandemic will follow.

The above list of resources freely available for a short period of time will continue to be updated if new data emerges.


Exceptionally, the Library and the Reading Room will open 8:30-14:00 on Friday 28/02/2020.


Information about on reserve bibliographies for the winter and spring semester 2019-2020.

You can see the on reserve bibliographies of the current academic year in AUTh Online Catalogue and find relevant information here.


ProQuest One Literature Trial Period.

We would like to inform you that we have a trial period for ProQuest One Literature from 25/11/2019 to 25/12/2019. You can access this ProQuest database using the web address below: https://trials.proquest.com/access?token=CJXCVsXRBoDICGTfsoGGlXXhw


Exceptionally, the Library and the Reading Room will close at 14:30 on Friday 07/06/2019.


World Poetry Day.

The students of the course "Literary Translation", participating in World Poetry Day events, will post translations of poems at the Reading Room on Thursday 21 March 2019


Exceptionally, the Library and the Reading Room will close at 14:30 on Friday 22/03/2019.


Electronic resources about TRANSLATION and INTERPRETING

SearchLibAuth.gr / Ebooks / Translation and Interpreting (84). Visit Here.

Library Subject Portal/ Translation and Interpreting. Visit Here.

Reference Resources: Dictionaries, Encyclopedias...et al. Visit Here.

Glossary Links / Terminology Coordination. Visit Here.

BabelNet : The largest multilingual encyclopedic dictionary. Visit Here.

Electronic Journals:

Asymptote Journal Babel (Frankfurt) / International Federation of Translators (FIT) (available only via AUTh network)
Babel: Littératures plurielles (Mont-de-Marsan)
Current Trends in Translation Teaching and Learning E.
Exchanges: Journal of Literary Translation / The University of Iowa
International Journal of Comparative Literature and Translation Studies / Australian International Academic Centre PTY.LTD.
International Journal of English Language and Translation Studies
International Journal of Translation and Interpreting research, The
Interpreter and Translator Trainer, The
Interpreting : international journal of research and practice in interpreting (available only via AUTh network)
inTRAlinea: Online Translation Journal
JoSTrans: The Journal of Specialized Translation
Journal of King Saud University. Languages and Translation
Journal of Translation, The / SIL International
Journal of Translation Studies (back issues) / Department of Translation, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Machine Translation (available only via AUTh network)
Machine translation review
Mercurian: Theater in Translation, The
Meta : journal des traducteurs = Meta: Translators' Journal
Modern poetry in translation
Mutatis Mutandis: Latin America Translation Journal
New Voices in Translation Studies / The International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies
Perspectives: Studies in Translatology (available only via AUTh network)
Professional Communication and Translation Studies
Przekładaniec : a journal of literary translation
Target: International Journal of Translation Studies (available only via AUTh network)
Terminology: International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Issues in Specialized Communication (available only via AUTh network)
Translatio (printed version - available at the School of Philosophy Library)
Translation (Austin, Tex.)
Translation & Interpreting : The International Journal of Translating and Interpreting Research
Translation and Interpreting Studies (available only via AUTh network)
Translation and Literature (available only via AUTh network)
Translation Journal
Translation Studies
Translation Studies Journal (Santa Barbara, Calif.)
TC3 - Translation: Computation, Corpora, Cognition
TRANSLATIONiSTA - Dispatches from the World of Literary Translation (Magazine that publishes translations)
Translatum Journal - A Greek Translation Journal
TTR. Traduction, terminologie, rédaction
Words without Borders
World Literature Today (available only via AUTh network)

more suggestions are coming soon


Information about on reserve bibliographies for the winter and spring semester 2018-2019.

You can see the on reserve bibliographies of the current academic year in AUTh Online Catalogue and find relevant information here.


Accessing AUTh Electronic Resources

You can find instructions for accessing the full text of electronic resources, available at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, here.


Electronic and printed resources

Springer Link / Ebooks / Digital Education (147). Visit Here.

SearchLibAuth.gr / Ebooks / Digital Humanities – Digital Education (27). Visit Here.

Wiley Online Library / Ebooks / Digital Humanities – Digital Education (17). Visit Here.

ERIC - Educational Resources Information Center Visit Here.

(ERIC provides extensive access to educational-related literature. In addition to journal articles, it also provides coverage of conferences, meetings, government documents, theses, dissertations, reports, audiovisual media, bibliographies, directories, books and monographs.)

Project Muse / Journals / Education, Linguistics, Children’s Literature (52). Visit Here.

ProQuest Education Database / Journals / Teaching Methods and Curriculum (172). Visit Here.

JSTOR / Jounrals / Education (172). Visit Here.

JSTOR / Journals / Linguistics (59). Visit Here.

Electronic Journals:

British Journal of Educational Technology
Digital Education Review
Digital Humanities Quarterly
Digital Learning
Digital Literary Studies
Digital Philology
Digital Scholarship in the Humanities (formerly Literary and Linguistic Computing)
Education Week’s Digital Directions
Educational Technology Abstracts
Educational Technology, Research and Development
ELT Journal
i-Manager's Journal on School Educational Technology
Innovations in Education and Teaching International
International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education
International Journal of Innovation in English Language Teaching and Research
Journal of Computer Assisted Learning
Journal of Educational Technology and Society
Language Arts
Learning, Media and Technology
Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy
Second Language Research
Studies in Second Language Acquisition
Teaching and Learning Inquiry

more suggestions next week


Electronic and printed resources

Alphabetical Index of E-Journals (AUTh, HEAL-Link). Visit Here.

(Provides access to all Aristotle University and HEAL-Link e-journal subcriptions. Users can find the available journals and retrieve the full text of the articles they contain). Search by journal title.

Project Muse / Journals / Cultural Studies. Visit Here.

(Project Muse provides online access to over 300 full-text journals, covering the subject areas of Literature, History, Political Sciences, Economy, Philosophy, from 65 scholarly publishers.)

Wiley Online Books Collection / Cultural Studies. Visit Here.

(The collection includes more than 3900 ebook titles, covering the subject areas of humanities, social sciences and many more.)

Electronic books:

A companion to Cultural Studies
A companion to popular Culture
Cultural globalization: a user’s guide to re-reading popular culture
American cultural studies: an introduction to American culture
A Companion to American Cultural History
A concise companion to American Studies
A Companion to American Literary Studies
A companion to Digital Humanities
A companion to Digital Literary Studies


Advances in Digital Education and Lifelong Learning
Advances in Gender Research
Studies in Writing
Syntax and Semantics

more suggestions next week


Exceptionally, the Library and the Reading Room will open 9:00 – 15:00 on Friday 09/11/2018.



Every Tuesday and Wednesday from 11:00 to 13:00, the School of English library staff (308, New Building of the Faculty of Philosophy) will be available to:

  • inform you about the resources and research tools you can access in relation to your School of English studies
  • demonstrate specific sources of interest to you
  • introduce you to research techniques and strategies


Electronic and printed resources

Gale Virtual Reference Library - Literature. Visit Here. (electronic resource with reference books)

Oxford Handbooks Online (Literature & Linguistics). Visit Here. (electronic resource with handbooks)

Drama for Students (electronic resource with suggested bibliography of printed auth books through the use of its subjects)

A Companion to American Gothic (ebook)
A New Companion to the Gothic (ebook)
Gothic (ebook)
The Gothic World (ebook)
The Routledge Companion to Gothic (ebook)
The Palgrave Handbook of the Southern Gothic (ebook)
The handbook of linguistics (ebook)
The handbook of applied linguistics (ebook)
Statistics for Linguists : A Step-by-Step Guide for Novices (ebook)

more suggestions next week


We would like to inform you that on Thursday 27 and Friday 28 September 2018, Aristotle University Library users will not be able to borrow books due to Library System upgrade.



Visit the Library website following the link: http://www.enl.auth.gr/lib/useLinksELE.html

More suggestions on various subject areas relevant to the School of English studies, such as Linguistics, Translation, Cultural Studies, Education, Film, Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature et al., will follow.



Visit the Library website following the link: http://www.enl.auth.gr/lib/useLinksETE.html

More suggestions on various subject areas relevant to the School of English studies, such as Linguistics, Translation, Cultural Studies, Education, Poetry, Film, Theatre et al., will follow.


Book Bazaar in the School of English Library, 12-16 December 2016. (Books for free)
You can also share and exchange books among you, by offering books that you no longer need, to the Library Book Bazaar.


Book Bazaar in the School of English Library, 17-21 October 2016. (Books for free)


We would like to inform you that approximately 300 titles of ebooks from Wiley Online Library collection are now accessible from both AUTh Online Catalogue and Library Search Engine. In order to inform our library users, we have created a list of titles by subject. The list covers the following subject categories: Education, Development Studies, Communication and Media Studies, Literature, Language & Linguistics, Cultural Studies, History, Philosophy.

Wiley Online Library eBooks- School of English Studies Relevant Subjects


"Kallipos" Repository (Hellenic Academic Electronic (Text)books)

The "Kallipos" Repository is a website that collects books, learning aids and objects produced within the framework of the project "Hellenic Academic Electronic (Text)books”. The repository aims at the systematic recording, organization and long-term preservation of the (text)books and the learning objects of the academic community.


We would like to inform you that we have access, through HEAL-Link, to the full text of more than 3900 titles of electronic books published in 2011, 2012 and 2013 by Wiley (Wiley Online Books Collection). The above titles cannot be accessed yet, neither by the catalogue nor by AUTh search engine. In order to inform the library users, we have created a list of 210 titles covering the following subjects: literature, language & linguistics, cultural studies, history, philosophy. Our intention is to catalogue these books as soon as possible to better serve our users.


We would like to inform you the AUTh Library offers access to 247 ebooks published by De Gruyter, covering subject areas such as literature, language and linguistics. De Gruyter also provides open access to more than 1300 ebooks. The purchase cost for these books has kindly been covered by the German Embassy in Greece in collaboration with the library of German Language and Literature. You can access both purchased and open access ebooks via De Gruyter site or you can access the 247 purchased titles via AUTh Online Catalogue, searching in "Articles, Journals" tab.


We would like to inform you that you can now view on reserve bibliographies for the spring semester 2016 via AUTh Online Catalogue.From the home page of the Catalogue choose the link "Course Reserves" or follow the link http://search.lib.auth.gr/Search/Reserves.


We would like to inform you that access to Project Muse is restored. Access is also restored to all publishers of electronic journals for which the Academic Institutions of Greece have subscriptions through Hellenic Academic Libraries Network ( HEAL-Link ).

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