Registration Fee*
Regular Rate 60€
Student Rate (under-and postgraduates) 20€

Registration includes

* The discounted registration fee for students is applicable to all under- and postgraduates with valid proof of their student status (i.e. student ID) upon registration at the School of English or at the symposium's reception desk during the symposium. 

Registration Options

Speakers notified of the acceptance of their paper must register for the Symposium by 13 March 2015. Accepted papers will not be included in the Symposium’s program unless registration fee has been paid.

a) On-line registration: Money Transfer to Piraeus Bank (in Euros) (available until 21 April 2015)
Account Number: 5202-051872-550
International Bank Account Number (IBAN): GR 39 0172 2020 0052 0205 1872 550
Code Bic (SWIFT address): PIRBGRAÁ
First, make the money transfer and then fill in the on-line registration form that follows. Please make sure that your full name and “Conference ISTAL 22” are noted at the bank; also, that you accept paying in full any remittance fee imposed by the bank(s).

Dear speakers,
As we have received a few complaints about the high bank charges imposed, you may also additionally consider the following payment option (online only!!) that offers considerably lower bank charges:
It is perfectly safe and has been tested in the past by some of us. The money transfer takes about two working days. You need to use a debit or credit card to transfer the money.

b) Registration at the School of English (cash only)

Registration at the School of English will be possible from March 6 until April 3, on Fridays (11.15-13:00, room 305) and Wednesdays (15.30-16.30, room 306A)

c) On-Site Registration (cash only)
Non-speakers can also register at the reception desk during the symposium. To avoid long queues, however, options (a) or (b) are preferable.

For any further queries regarding registration, please contact Lia Efstathiadi (

Registration Form

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