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Donka Minkova

University of California, Los Angeles

Donka Minkova is Distinguished Professor and Associate Dean of Humanities at UCLA. Her main interests are English language history, phonology and metrics. She has authored and co-edited a number of books including The History of Final Vowels in English (1991), Alliteration and Sound Change in Early English (2003), Studies in the History of the English Language: A Millennial Perspective (2002), and Empirical and Analytical Advances in the Study of English Language Change (2009). She has published widely in the fields of English and Germanic historical phonology and syntax, historical dialectology, English historical metrics.

In 2000 she co-founded the conference series Studies in the History of the English Language (SHEL). She is on a number of editorial boards including Diachronica, English Language and Linguistics, Journal of Germanic Linguistics, Journal of English Linguistics, Transactions of the Philological Society (TPS) etc. and has also served as Vice-Chair and Chair of the UCLA CAP, Vice-Chair and Chair of the system-wide UCAP, Vice-Chair and Chair of the UCLA Council on Research, Executive Committee Member and Vice-President of SGL.