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Olga Fischer

University of Amsterdam

Olga Fischer is Professor of Germanic Linguistics (with a special focus on English Linguistics) at the University of Amsterdam. She has taught a number of subjects including History of English, Language change and variation, Old English language, Early and late Middle English language, Grammaticalization, Aspects of English historical syntax, Diachronic Germanic Linguistics. She has published extensively in international journals in the area of English historical linguistics, especially historical syntax. Her interests are in syntactic change related to changes in word order, comparison with developments in Dutch and German, grammaticalization and the interaction between grammaticalization and iconization in language change.

Between 2011-2013, she served as 'President (Elect)' of the Societas Linguistica Europeae, and from 2011 onwards 'President (Elect)' of ISLE (International Society for the Linguistics of English).