Shakespeare's Adaptability

26 May 2003
Venue: Thessaloniki Centre for Historical Research

/ Programme

9:45-10:00  /Reception

Victor Arditis (Artistic Director, State Theatre of Northern Greece)
Introductory Remarks


Peter Holland (Professor, University of Notre Dame)
Shakespeares Two Bodies


Michael Dobson (Professor, Roehampton Institute, London)
The Bottom of the Market: Dreams to suit all pockets

12:10-12:40  /Coffee break

Kiernan Ryan (Professor, Royal Holloway, Univ. of London)
Global Shakespeare: The Politics of Appropriation

13:30-16:30   /Lunch break

Krystyna Kujawinska (Professor, University of Lodz, Poland)
Shakespeare of Political Allusions and Metaphors in Communist Poland


Tina Krontiris (Assoc. Professor, Aristotle University)
Greek Appropriations of Shakespeare

18:10-18:30  /Coffee Break
18:30-19:30  /Panel Discussion (P. Holland, M. Dobson, K. Ryan, K. Kujawinska, S. Doufexis, T. Krontiris)
19:30-21:00  Reception in the Gardens of the School of Philosophy, Old Building

Note: The symposium will be conducted in English. Translation will be provided only for the panel discussion at the end.